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Tom Smyth, Belfast-born entrepreneur has grown in success over the past 30 years from his first property as an 18-year-old to now owning and managing 10 multi-million pound companies.

Drawing on his past life and work experience, he wrote a book during the pandemic called “Fear Less”, which shared his ‘formula’ for success.

After a positive response on both sides of the Atlantic, he decided to launch DREAM Mentoring a unique self-improvement system which offers business and mindset coaching. It’s based on the five simple core principles of Determination, Regeneration, Energisation, Ambition and Motivation

Tom’s vision is to share these principle and strategies, to help build & encourage people to unlock the success that awaits within them. With the right mentorship and guidance, we can ALL excel and become the greatest versions of ourselves.

Recently was awarded Northern Ireland’s Businessman of the Year 2021..

Tom is a 10X Speaker & Mentor with Grant Cardone’s Licensee Programme.

Motivational Speaker.

Life Coach Mentor


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